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The Original: Rosie Rat™, - Premium Quality Cat Toys

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The Original flat rat cat toy! Cat's LOVE the scent of rabbit, and instinctively "hunt" Rosie like real prey. The flat body and springy suede lace tail make playing with Rosie a fun, interactive experience, which truly enriches the life of the indoor cat. Rosie products are all made by hand in the USA. The fur is high quality genuine rabbit, sourced as a by-product of the food industry. We do not use fur from China, or fur sourced from the fur industry. Because we are using natural materials and making each one by hand, each Rosie product is truly unique! We are so proud to manufacture the entire line of Rosie Rat Quality Cat Toys in Upstate NY!

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The Original Rosie Rat
Quality Toy Collection 

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Come find healthy pet supplies and receive personal customer service! 

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